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Amazing WhatsApp features coming up for WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp features coming up for WhatsApp Users
WhatsApp features coming up for WhatsApp Users (Photo Pixabay)

WhatsApp's new features are rolled out first for beta users, then all users.

These features are released on WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp users are going to get a lot of features very soon. WhatsApp has added a number of features, including always silent, new storage usage UI, and media guidelines for testing on its Android beta version. WhatsApp Beta for these features has been released on If it succeeds in testing, it will soon be available to all users. Note that WhatsApp's new features are first rolled out to beta users, after which it comes to all users.

Let us Know About These Features

WhatsApp always silent feature

With this feature, WhatsApp users will be able to chat forever. This new feature will work for both group and individual chats. Note that deleting is not always a completely new feature, but there are additional features in the 'already deleted' feature already available. Currently, users can delete a contact for a maximum of one year, but users will now have the option of 'always' in the latest beta update.

New storage user UI feature

WhatsApp has updated its storage user interface storage UI. Many users have also started getting new storage UI features. In the latest WhatsApp beta version, the storage utility user interface will be available in more detail than before. Below is the option to delete unnecessary files. With this new feature, you will be able to see which files are taking up more storage, which files to keep and which to delete.

WhatsApp Media Guidelines

WhatsApp's new feature is similar to Instagram's Media Guidelines feature. With this feature, users will be able to edit images, videos, or GIFs, in addition to aligning stickers.

These changes have also been made

WhatsApp has removed voice and video call buttons from authenticated business accounts. It has also been removed from contact information. But when you go to the profile icon in the chat and contact list, you will see it there.

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