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Grip Lock: This Small Device will not let your Two-Wheeler Move

Grip Lock for Two-Wheeler
Grip Lock for Two-Wheeler

 The stress of the bike-scooter has been stolen, so worry now as this little device won't let your two-wheeler go anywhere.

• Handlebar grip lock can weigh up to 300-500 grams depending on the material.

• It can be used in any bike and scooter with a starting price of around Rs. 799.

Many people are always afraid of having their bike stolen. Working in the office or shopping in the market, half the focus is on the bike parked in the parking lot so that no one can steal, and it is okay to be stressed because it is your hard work to buy it. However, thieves have also become more advanced over time. Breaking the regular lock found in the bike is as easy as hitting them. Many CCTV footage of bicycle thefts is also frequently seen, adding to the tension. If you're also afraid of having your beloved bike stolen, a grip lock can alleviate your anxiety. So what is the lock of this grip, how will it work and how much will it get, let's talk about all these aspects.

What is Grip Lock?

• It is not an electronic device but a simple-looking lock but it is very useful. It opens and closes with a key. Made of steel/alloy metal and fiber, it is very strong and therefore not easy to break.

• It weighs about 300–50 grams while solid locks made of aluminum alloy also weigh 450-500 grams or more.

• Due to its small size, it can be easily placed anywhere. The important thing is that it takes about 10 seconds to open and close and it can be easily used in any two-wheeler with a grip of 27-38 mm.

How will the Grip Lock Work?

• It is very easy to use. As we mentioned earlier, it takes about 10 seconds to open and close. It has two compartments, one with a handlebar grip and the other with a brake lever. Open it with the help of the key, hold and break between the boxes made in it and fold and unlock. Just done

• Now you can handle your important work without stress. Once locked, it locks the front brakes. Even if someone tries to steal the vehicle, the next brake will not be able to move the car forward and the accelerator will not be able to use it. This means that your car will not be disturbed by its location. Similarly, it can be used for rear brakes.

• People forget to lock the disk and sometimes fall while driving. But the grip lock is easily visible due to being on top, which does not create a forgettable situation.

How much Grip Lock will I get?

• Rip e-commerce sites, especially on Amazon, have a huge range of applause. Their prices vary by brand.

• Amazon The cheapest Grip lock on Amazon is Rs 799 while the handlebar of Rs 9500 is only available on the Grip lock platform.

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