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Google Monitors Your Actions

Google Monitors Your Actions
Google Monitors Your Actions (Image - Pixabay)

• At one point, Google had to compete with AltaVista, Yahoo, and Lycos.

Google continues to search faster and faster.

That was 20 years ago. When many people first typed on the computer's web browser. After the page loads, a search bar and buttons appear on the screen. Here, you have to type search and click on the search button. Then below it was many links related to the result. They also had the links we needed.

This was the era of Google when it had to compete with search engines like Altavista, Yahoo, and Lycos. It would not be wrong to say that Google was trying to establish its identity at that time. However, Google continued to search faster and faster. Now, 20 years later, the story is completely different.

The crown of the search engine has come to Google, but now most of the people who use it are also under its control. This is because Google's technology has completely changed the lives of ordinary people. He only knows about your likes and dislikes, sleep, food, and even almost everything related to your expenses from a Gmail account.

Let's Understand This Too

Getting started with Gmail: If you have an Android smartphone, you need a Gmail account to access the apps. Your same account ID works on all Google apps like Gmail, Play Store, UT, B, Maps, Photos, Calendar, Contacts. With the same ID, Google starts tracking you.

In fact, many technology companies are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology these days. It is a technology that tracks user activity on different platforms, then generates data for their likes and dislikes. Explain this by example ...

Suppose a user is logged in to the phone under the name @ Now he watches YouTube. Then he saw which video, for how long, which video stopped quickly. Video activity will be tracked with that ID. Now whenever he logs in on a phone or PC with, he will start watching his favorite videos on YouTube. As will happen to you.

Google will know where you are going: Similarly, with the help of Google Maps, the name Gmail @ goes somewhere, then Google will also have the information about this data. For example, which hotel did the user visit in a month? Went to a store? Where did you watch the movie? Where did you travel? With the help of AI, Google will have such information.

Favorite ads on your wall: One thing you should always keep in mind is that whenever we visit an e-commerce website and see a product, it will start appearing on another website. Is. It is also a part of your activity. When you see that product over and over again, you may decide to buy it.

By visiting my Google activity, you can see the entire history. It's about what videos you've watched, what news you've read, what you've searched for on the Google search engine, what apps have been downloaded.

A full audit of the phone: Android OS has a market share of 95.85%, iOS has a market share of 3.24%. That is, most users only use Android smartphones. Android OS is also a product of Google. In that case, Google monitors every activity associated with your smartphone. As we mentioned above, all of Google's apps are associated with your Gmail ID.

Your phone's contact list is also a Gmail account link. That is, every contact with your phone is with Google. Similarly, videos and photos of your phone are also synced with Google. Google saves them on their cloud storage, ie Google Drive.

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Google has become your personal assistant: Most Android users today are using the Google Assistant feature. This feature is used by voice commands or text. That is, with sound you can search for anything. However, every voice command you enter is protected by Google. What are you looking for in Google Assistant? And what information did you ask him to remember? All these things are safe here too.

Understand that if a user is using the Google Assistant feature, the assistant can also speak to remember a lot of important things. Or small reminders can speak to remind and remind.

Bank Account Access: More than 100 million users in the country are using Google Pay. That is, Google has access to the bank accounts of many users. When you make a transaction with the Google Pay app, the details are also going to Google. Although Google Pay is secure, the company has information about your expenses and bank balance. Once you've paid your credit card bill, electricity bill, DTH bill, or any other bill with Google Pay, Google will remind you every time.

Control over your videos and music: Google has created apps for listening to videos and music. In that case, once you use these apps, you'll also find out about your entertainment options. YouTube is now the largest video hosting platform. At this, about 215 million.

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