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How to Focus on Work and Studies

Focus on Work and Studies
Increase focus on studies and work, keep 4 things in mind

Our brain wanders on average 47% of the time; Meditation to increase focus on studies and work, keep 4 things in mind while making a schedule. Today we will talk about this article.

• A study has found that the more the teenagers keep the phone away during studies, the better marks will get

• Instead of reading every email and message, set a time for them during the day, website blockers can be helpful

While working at home, while studying or while working in the office, many times we are thinking about other things. A 2010 Harvard University study suggests that a person's brain wanders 47% of the time on average. Along with this, there has been an increase in things that divert the mind from its place during the epidemic.

In such a situation, focusing on any work can help us. Through this, your brain learns to ignore distracting things. Some tips given by experts in this work can help you.

How to distance yourself from distracting things?

• A recent survey has shown that social media has a big hand in wandering the minds of people working at home. After this comes the number of children. You can get rid of the problems of social media by turning off the notifications of apps. If you do not feel right to do this, then try to control yourself.

• However, Angela Duckworth, Founder and Scientific Director of Character Lab, who connects education-related people to researchers, says, "Will power is a very limited resource and we don't want to use it for long. It's the best thing to do That we create an environment where it becomes difficult to deviate. "

• In her research on self-control in teenagers, Angela found that the more children keep their phones while studying, the higher their numbers will be. Apart from this, you can also use the website blocker in your phone. In the case of children, Neer Iyal, author of the book "Indestructable", suggests putting such signs that children should know that parents are not to be disturbed.

Be honest about the schedule

Nowadays to increase focus means planning the day properly. Set the time of day's start and end and stop any other work during this time. Iyal recommends using the Timebox calendar instead of creating a to-do list.

Iyal states that "because we only have 24 hours a day, a time box calendar will force you to prioritize things." He explained, "With the help of the time box calendar, our aim is not to complete any work. Our aim is to do the work for a long time without deviating from it."

These tricks can help us in making the schedule

1. Meeting: Prepare an agenda for every meeting, so that you and others know how long it will take and what you are trying to achieve through this meeting.

2. Social Media: Instead of reading every email, decide to watch it two or three times a day. Similarly, you can make time between work for personal phone calls and other important tasks.

3. Recharge Yourself: According to a study published in the International Journal of Stress Management, it is necessary to take a short break due to constant focus. Take time off for a schedule break with no focus during work.

4. Exercise: Taking time out for exercise is considered a good way to increase focus, memory and productivity. A British study showed that employees who exercised on the day increased their concentration by 21% and incentives by 41%.

Check yourself

Iyal says, "Most of the time our focus is to avoid any kind of discomfort, such as stress, loneliness, anxiety or boredom." If watching or reading more news increases your anxiety or nervousness then limit your time. If you feel lonely, make time to talk to family members.

Meditating to stay in the present can help you. In addition, Judson Brewer, director of research at the Mindful Center at Brown University and associate professor of psychiatry at the university's medical school, recommends using the phone for 20 minutes. After this, ask yourself how focused you can be and how you feel. You can also resort to many apps for meditation.

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