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Your Phone is Hanging Too! So Follow These 7 Work Tips

• If apps don't work, remove the app from the phone, doing so will free up the phone's storage.

• Periodically delete cash files, WhatsApp's photo-videos.

Your Phone is Hanging
Your Phone is Hanging

Many users are upset because of the smartphone hanging. So many people will often complain that the apps in their phone open late, so sometimes it will be heard that the videos in the phone are playing intermittently. A lot of people are working from home at the moment, so it is very important to keep the phone running smoothly with the computer. Sometimes the phone hangs up during free time while playing games or watching movies on the phone. If you are also bothered by the problem of hanging phone, then follow these simple tips given by us.

7 Work Tips

1. First go to phone settings and go to software update. Turn off auto download on Wi-Fi or any kind of auto download on it.

2. Next, go to Accounts and Backup settings, at the bottom, you will find the option to auto sync data. The advantage of this is that the apps in the phone will not use the internet to sync. In addition, the phone's storage will not be filled with surplus data.

3. Now go to Play Store settings and close the auto-update app, that is, do not click on the auto-update app.

4. Click the button in the phone's navigation bar and close all apps running in the background. Even though it doesn't work, the phone continues to use RAM.

5. Also go to the main apps section of the phone and remove the apps that you use very little. It will also free up your phone's memory considerably. Long press on the app and click Uninstall to remove it.

6. Go to Phone Settings and click on Phone Phone Options at the bottom. Then click on Software Info and then tap on the build number at least 7 to 8 times. Doing so opens up the phone's developer options. You can see about it under the phone. Open the developer options and find and click on the background process range. This means that you want to set the boundaries of the process running in the background. After opening it, click on No Background Process. The advantage is that no process can run behind the phone.

7. Find the Change Animation Scale and Window Animation Scale options in the Developer Options and turn them off. After completing all of these processes, your phone will perform faster.

Note: Minimize icons on the home screen, periodically free up cache memory and delete unnecessary files. Also, your phone will perform faster.

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