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Ultimate Guide: How To Buy Bluehost Hosting?

Bluehost Hosting

Today we will talk about How to Buy Bluehost Hosting with free domain?

To create a website on the Internet, many people choose wordpress, so many people choose other platforms. To create a website on all of these, hosting is required as well as the domain name. You are definitely familiar with these things, only then you are reading this post.

Is Hosting Buy Easy?

My answer is No.

Many people will have experience of this but can a beginner hosting buy. So that he does not face any problem later.

Will you discuss this topic in detail that Where to Buy Hosting for blog / website? Buy which Hosting? and Then How to Buy Hosting step by step?

To know these things, the beginner keeps searching on the Internet. Through this post, you will get enough information that too step by step.

meaning! Your search should be closed from today and finals today. Best Hosting for your blog.

If you want to know about hosting then here it is -

Many bloggers buy useless hosting in a more cheap affair but due to this they have to face a lot of problems later.

for example:-
When you post more posts on your blog, the site becomes slow due to cheap hosting. Or if traffic starts to increase more then the load on the website increases. Which makes your website impression wrong in the eyes of google and users.

My reason is that you do not have problems. You should also get the fruits of hard work.

Article Summary:

How to Buy Bluehost Hosting With Free Domain?
           1. Go To Bluehost Site
           2. Choose Your Hosting Plan
           3. Domain Name
           4. Account Information
           5. Package Information
           6. Package Extra
           7. Payment Information
           8. Submit

Talking about the most running and best hosting, Bluehost Hostgator & SiteGround Hosting Company. These three companies give better results.

You can select any of these three Hosting Buy for your website.

In this post we will only talk about Bluehost Hosting -

How to Buy Bluehost Hosting With Free Domain?

Now you will get the answer here that How to Buy Bluehost Hosting?

Friends! Can I assume that you have decided to take Bluehost Hosting.


But before that you should have two things-

Domain Name: Everyone knows that without Domain your website / blog cannot show on the Internet. This is your online address in a way that reaches your website.

No problem if you do not have a Domain Name.

Because when you buy Bluehost hosting, you get it in the Domain Name free for one year.

Payment: For the beginner, it is important to know that you must have Paypal / Credit Card / Debit Card to buy Hosting and Domain Name. Through which payment has to be made.

Here I am going to tell you about Bluehost Hosting in Detail. You understand carefully.

If you get Hosting from Bluehost, then you are getting Domain Name Free and along with SSL Certificate also provides Free. It does not have to give you any separate charge.

If you do not like any problem or any reason in this hosting, then Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Meaning 100% refund will be received.

Let's start step by step-

Step #1 Go To Bluehost Site

In the first step, you go to the website of Bluehost. Click on the link given below -

Bluehost-Home Page

Now click on "Get Started" button.

Step #2 Choose Your Hosting Plan

Bluehost-choose Plan

After clicking on Get Started button a new page will open. In which you have to select the hosting plan. But before that let's understand a little about the plan -

Basic Plan: Under this plan you can host only one site. Only 50GB SSD storage is available in it.

Plus Plan: You can host more than one website on this plan. Unlimited SSD Storage is available.

Choice Plus: There is more than one website, Unlimited SSD Storage with Domain Privacy & Website Backup, it gives more than two facilities.

Pro Plan: In this plan, Dedicated IP Address also provides all the above mentioned features.

These four plans have told you. You can choose any plan according to your website / blog. If I agree, then you choose "Choice Plan".

Step #3 Domain Name

Bluehost-Domain Name

Click on the "Select" button to select the plan. After this, a new page will be open again.

Here you will see two boxes with 1. Create A New Domain and 2. Use A Domain You Own.

1. Create A New Domain - Whatever domain name you want to take here for a year, you can write the name here for free. You can also choose to take extention like .com or .net together. If availabe you will get it. Otherwise, take another name.

2. Use A Domain You Own - If you have purchased a domain from somewhere, then you write in it like: - website.com like this. After this, click on the "Next" button.

Note: If you already had a domain and used it, then you can take the free domain later. For that you will have to contact Bluehost Support Team. The team will help you.

Step #4 Account Information

When you write the name of the website and click on the Next button, a new page will be open which will remain of Create Your Account. In this, we will start with Account Information.

Bluehost-Account Information

First Name: In this you fill your First Name.
Last Name: Type surname here.
Business Name: Whatever the name of the business or leave it blank.
Country: Select the name of your country.
Street Address: Your complete address.
City: Write the name of the city.
State / Province: Select your state.
Pincode: Enter your postal code.
Phone Number: Enter your valid phone number.
Email Address: Enter your email ID.

Step #5 Package Information

You have to select the plan more carefully here.

Here you will find 3 types of plans whose duration is 12 Months, 24 Months and 36 Months means 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.

If you talk about Bluehost Offer, then it gives different discounts on the plan. For example, if you take a year, then whatever offer is going on, you will give that much discount. When you take a two-year plan, you will give the most discount in more and three years.

Right now
47% Off on 12 Months
50% Off on 24 Months
53% Off on 36 Months

These offers are changing. If you want to take Hosting then take 36 Months because the discount is also more and it is available only once. Whenever you renew you will not get any offer.

Step #6 Package Extra

Do not select the option of "Sitelock Security" and "Site Backup Pro" features. If there is a right mark on the check box, uncheck it, because you will not need them.

Step #7 Payment Information

Now you have to fill Payment Information to make payment. Here only you will see the credit card option. If you want to pay by credit card then you can.

If you want the option of PayPal, then you will have to click on the "more payment options" link. After that you will be able to pay with Paypal.

Step #8 Submit

First check the complete form once, then click on the check box and select it.


Click on "submit".

After this Purchasing Process is complete, you have to set your Bluhost Hosting password.

Now after this process you will get a mail on your email ID. Confirm Link and Login ID are given on that Email ID. If you click on that Confirm Link, then you will access the Login page.

Login by entering Login ID and Password. Now you will be able to access Direct Bluehost hosting cPanel.

The process of purchasing your hosting from Bluehost is complete.

Congratulation! You have already learned how to buy Bluehost Hosting with Free Domain. And you have also purchased hosting.

The important thing is that if you entered the domain you purchased from another company at the time of purchasing hosting. Now you have to go to Domain Register Site and change Name Server in Domain Settings.

There you have to type -

Only after this your website will be run.

If you want to install wordpress then go to Cpanel and click on wordpress. After that if you follow step by step then you will be installed Wordpress.


Today we have taken Knowledge through this post that Where to Buy Hosting? Buy Which Hosting? After that How to Buy Bluehost Hosting?

I hope you have found this post to learn a lot.

If you like this information, then do share this post on your friends and social media.

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